Fundraising Tea Towels for Pre-schools, Schools & Groups
Amongst our best sellers for the past 28 years!

This page is for group tea towels (each child contributes to a group design)
For individual child's artwork tea towels see here >

TTG1 - Group Tea Towel in Single colour

Our entry level, group tea towel but with a great fundraising opportunity of £1.70 - £3.08 per tea towel sold

Minimum order: 50

Price per Tea-towel inc vat:
50-90 tea towels: £3.30. 
100-199 tea towels: £2.16
200-299 tea towels: £2.04
300+ tea towels: £1.92
Suggested sale price: £5.00. 

1. Set up your own design
Instructions/Order Form Download ⬇︎
2. Let us set up your design
Order Form Download ⬇︎

Editable parent letter download⬇︎

TTG2 - Group Tea Towel in Full Colour

Large, full colour print with your choice of border. Fundraising opportunity of £??? per tea towel sold

TTG3 - Group Tea Towel in Full Colour with add on product options

Increase your fundraising opportunities by offering tea towels plus 4 other products featuring the same group artwork. Fundraising opportunity of £??? per tea towel sold

Product Description:
These 100% cotton full colour tea towels are unique to ‘all my own work’. There is something to suit everyone from our selection of borders!
Let children create their own individual masterpiece or create a group tea towel by letting every member of the setting or group contribute a self portrait or picture.
Size: 79 x 47cm.

How to get started:

1. Choose a Tea Towel (individual or group designs).
2. Download the template/order form.
3. Get creative by following the instructions on the template.
4. Send us your completed designs together with the completed order form.


10% OFF Early Bird offer applies to Individual Tea-towels. Details →

Group, Full Colour Artwork

Fundraising Opportunity:
£2.16 per Tea towel sold

Minimum order: 1
Price per Tea-towel inc vat:
1-9 tea towels: £4.50. 
10-23 tea towels: £4.02.
24+ tea towels: £3.84.

Suggested sale price: £6.00. 

For Group full colour artwork use 'Group colour' template:


Postage costs, per consignment:
3-5 days - £7.20 inc vat.

You pay nothing up-front 

Collect your money, then pay for your products