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Useful tips to help you achieve the best results...

  1. Specific artwork information is supplied on the free downloadable templates ➞

  2. Use bright, bold colours preferably felt tips, paint or flat collage. DO NOT use faint wishy-washy colours and do not use pencils or pencil crayons.

  3. Suggest ideas or themes eg. Self-portrait, family portrait, holidays, hobbies, jungle, space, pets etc.

  4. Do not expect an exact colour match and please bear in mind that if the artwork is messy, then the print will be equally messy!

  5. Keep important bits of artwork, such as names and ages away from the edges of the template and the corners.

  6. Do not damage any pre-printed border lines. You may add your group logo to the artwork – just cut it out and glue it on.

  7. Please add the child’s name and age to the artwork so that it appears on the finished product. We will not add the names.

  8. If it is not obvious which way round a picture should be, please indicate “top” on the reverse of the artwork.

  9. Individual artwork is returned along with the products, so you can identify which product belongs to whom.

  10. Group artwork is retained for future orders unless otherwise instructed.

  11. Before you send in the artwork, please ensure that the order form on the template is completed in full, with the child’s name, group name, product choice and quantity. If your group has a long name then it is fine to use initials to identify it. If you would like the items sorting into classes, please make sure that the class number or name is marked clearly and consistently on the artwork.

  12. Here's a Parents Sample Letter ➞ - these can really help increase orders.

We reserve the right to reproduce supplied artwork for marketing purposes.
If you can't find the answer to your question on the website, please don't hesitate to
email us

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Q: What are the delivery/postage charges?
 3-5 days from print completion. £8.40 inc vat.
Charges apply to each consignment or part consignment:

Q: What's the closing date for printing?
A: We don't stipulate closing dates as we're happier for you to work to your own timetables. All we ask is that you allow us a full 2 weeks from its receipt for us to process the order. (NB November is very very busy, so please allow a full 3 weeks during that period)

Q: Is it really that simple?
We often have people ringing to see if they've missed something as our ordering system is so simple! As long as all the orders are completed correctly on the templates, and you've included the delivery address and phone number, then, yes-it really IS that simple!

Q: Do I need to send any money with the artwork?
: Only if you are ordering samples to display. Otherwise, no - just send in the artwork and delivery details.

Q: What if someone brings in a late order?
A: Simply send it in with a note of where it's come from and we'll try and add it to the main order. If we've already printed and despatched the main order, then latecomers will be subject to the delivery/handling charge.

Q: What if I make a mistake with someone's order?
We'll help you to put it right! Basically, it will be treated as a new order and will be subject to delivery/handling charge as above.

Q: What if you make a mistake with my order?
We'll put it right free of charge.

Q: Do I need to send in a spreadsheet of the orders?
No - we work from what's written on the templates so as long as they're filled in correctly, we don't need a spreadsheet.

Q: How much do the templates cost?
Nothing - they're available to download free of charge. We do not post templates other than our Christmas card templates, which are posted to you, free of charge. All we ask is that you return any unused Christmas card templates, with your order, so they can be reused.

Q: Who pays the postage to send in the artwork?
You do!

Q: How do I pay for the products?
: The invoice for your order always comes in the box with the products. You can pay by cheque or by BACS or you can ring us with your credit/debit card details. You have 30 days before you need to pay.

Q: I want to order an artwork or souvenir product but I can't find it on the website - what should I do?
A: Easy - email your requirements and we'll let you know if we can do it. If we can't then we usually know of someone who can!

Q: What's the best medium for the artwork?
Felt tips, paints and flat collage are best. If you use oil pastels please make sure they are "fixed" or they'll smudge. By and large, the brighter the artwork, the better the end product. (NB Glitter is banned as it gets everywhere and spoils other artwork!)

Q: Can I mount photos on the templates?
A: Yes you can use photos.

Q: I'd like to order an item which isn't listed on the template. Is this possible?
No - sorry but the templates are specific to the items listed on the order form

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Over 20,000 groups helped

Over 20,000 groups helped